Do Hard Things

Do Hard Things

Recently, I listened to Antifragile by Nassim Taleb on Audible.

It was recommended to me by a friend with the thought, “You already do half this stuff, but you’d be interested to hear what he has to say.” I listened without really asking what he’d meant by that.

Ice baths, mud runs, waking up early (when a “natural” night owl), choosing manual labor when a machine could easily do it (ex: Hauling lots of wood with a wheelbarrow instead of a tractor)…

Why subject ones self to such pain, when easier methods are available?

Easy. It makes me tougher.

Often told by those who choose comfort above all else, those who take the “harder” route are often thought of as “Nuts”, “Crazy”, or “Gluttons for punishment”.

“Why would anyone in their right mind subject themselves to such pain, willingly?”

Mental. Toughness.

There’s a reason the military sends its special operations troops in to do jobs that others can’t and most won’t.

There’s a reason companies look for people with experience when hiring.

There’s a reason why wisdom is often found in those that have experienced life, especially hard life.

Doing hard things creates mental toughness.

So why do it willingly?

Maybe you’ve had things fairly easy in your life compared to say, someone who has grown up in poverty, or a rough neighborhood, or a broken family.

Their lives have been their training ground.

But not yours.

You’ve had it easy.

And in order to make a dent in the world, you need to have thicker skin.

To stop getting offended by every little thing you read online or in the news.

To stop confusing comfort with happiness.

To stop wasting time complaining.

And to start DOING.

For in that great moment when your comfort zone is stretched, more of life begins to reveal itself. And it is beautiful.

All of a sudden, your worldview is expanded. Things that were formerly thought “impossible”, now can be attained.

And it becomes addicting.

Think of your best stories you tell your friends. Did they ever start with anything that was remotely comfortable?

Chances are, they probably started with something that was difficult, when things didn’t go according to plan, when chaos seemed to abound.

And yet, you made it through to tell the story…and what a story it was!

When you do hard things, you make yourself more interesting.

Your stories get better.

Your skin gets thicker.

Your world expands.

And now, you’re able to relate to more people, reach more people, serve more people.

You start to become greater than your former self.

And isn’t that what we’re all itching to do anyways?

Do. Hard. Things.


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